Hey guys!

First off, thanks for your interest! I know its been about 6 years since we last played a pen and paper, but I have the itch and your all invited!

WHAT WE WILL BE PLAYING: The Rush (D&D 3.5) An adapted version of a mini mod set in The Forgotten Realms setting, close too Silverymoon in the Silver Marches (Luruar). The Mini-Mod is going to be extensivly changed and added to a much deeper storyline. Like most of my campaigns, the storyline will take a long time too play out.

WHERE: We will be playing at my condo in Buena Park (Clarendon&Montrose). Street parking is fairly easy around us and you don’t need a parking pass or sticker. We are very close too many bus routes and the red line is a short walk from here. (See the link in my profile toosee the view from the place!)

WHEN & HOW LONG: I know everyone is super busy, I am thinking 2x (or more) a month game of about 4-6 hours per session. I would do a weekly game but realize not everyone could/would do this. I am thinking Friday or Sunday nights but am open too other suggestions.

WHAT YOU NEED: To be present, I have all the books needed and dice. If you have 3.5 materials, miniatures, dice, etc. feel free too bring. We can order food out here and there is a convienence store in the lobby downstairs. We also have wifi, so I would suggest you bring a laptop if its easy for you to do so.

WHATs NEXT: Lets start a dialogue as too when is best for everyone, once everyone is signed up we can start an emailfest until its settled, we will need to do a pre-session too make characters and set up the players/party background. Lets try to do the presession in late Sept.
(NOTE- I tried to run this pre-meet up in May but only 1 person was willing to come…lets do better this time!)

If you wish too make a character EARLY, you are more than welcome too. Posting in here somewhere what you aim too play might help others decide what they are gonna do as well. The setting will be mountainous and orc infested (not an easy one).

Feel free to email/IM me any questions or concerns or comments! I am really looking forward too seeing and playing with all of ya!
- Mark

The Rush